Russian Language Capsule

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    Russian Language Capsule

    Project year 2017
    Delivered 2017
    Area 100 m²
    Type Interactive platform
    Location Moscow

    The modular exhibition construction project with the use of multimedia technologies was created for the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.
    The cube shaped space is the size of a medium living room. The cube is a steady figure, it is a form inside which, one is comfortable. Once inside the cube, the visitor enters the space in which the Russian language capsule is located. Nearly 90% of the space is a multimedia object: those inside the cube see the capsule. It can not be touched, it is absent as a matter, still one can walk around it.

    The idea of the project lies in the saying V. I. Dal, for whom the man’s language was a clear expression of the soul.
    “The spirit, the man’s soul – this is where one must seek
    his belonging to one or another nation … “
    V. I. Dal

    Russian language is studied all over the world. It serves as the basis for unification and friendship. Each plane of the cube can be assembled from a mosaic, an element of which can be a human figure and the letters of the Russian alphabet.