Our creative credo: Harmony of proportions in the organization of space


The main work principles of the architectural studio are management of style and quality concepts, knowledge of current trends, and consideration of the desires and needs of the customer.
At the core of each project, whether private or public, is the search for a form and source of inspiration, which continues throughout the process of implementation.
In order for your home to be new and original for a long time to come, knowledge and analysis of the materials market and introduction of new technologies into production are important.
In the engineering design process, architects take into account your preferences in geometric shapes, analyze color susceptibility, take into account each family member, think through the concept for decades to come. As a result, we create an environment that fully meets your requirements.
All stages from the beginning of the project to the time the object is completed are accompanied by designer supervision. The interaction between the architect and the customer during the entire investment cycle is the basis of work quality. Thus, you save time on project organization and minimize the risk of errors and alterations.
You receive a managed project with a team of specialists is involved: design engineers, mechanical engineers, landscape architects and designers, technical writers, contractors and specialists from other fields. During the work you receive regular reports, the implementation of the schedule plan, estimates and track the entire process from design to implementation.
The architect is the key figure. He knows what the object should look like upon the completion of construction and finishing works. That is why he not only competently controls the construction process, but is also responsible for the end result. The creative process of interaction among the architect, specialists and the customer provides a result that all participants are satisfied with.


Yurij Hvoshchevskij

Founder of the architectural bureau “Spasskoye” architect, implemented projects

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Architect Amsterdam

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Architect Amsterdam